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Recovery Management

The journey does not end at the completion of inpatient treatment.

Recovery Management

“Recovery is a journey, not a destination”

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Recovery is an ongoing process of change during which individuals enhance their quality of life.

Recovery Management is a treatment approach where support services cultivate engagement, recovery maintenance, and long-term recovery following inpatient treatment. The Residence has developed an evidence-based Recovery Management Program to support you on your journey of recovery.

Managing your recovery will involve amalgamating the skills and treatment received at The Residence. Increasing your self-efficacy will facilitate sustained, meaningful recovery and decrease the potential of relapse.

Developing skills in treatment is vital to Recovery Management. The following modalities will be central to your skills acquisition and will be learned at The Residence:

  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Relapse Prevention Therapy
  • Lifestyle change (e.g. physical activity, sleep, social support, etc.)

Clients will learn more about Recovery Management throughout their treatment at The Residence.

The Recovery Management Program

Just as your treatment at The Residence is individualized to your needs, the Recovery Management Program is tailored to your recovery. The goal of the Recovery Management Program is to help you manage your mental health and addiction and maintain healthy lifestyle changes.

The components of the Recovery Management Program include:

  • Telephone check-in calls
  • Weekly group(s)
  • Individual sessions

Clients who are eligible* for the program will be paired with a Recovery Management Therapist who is best suited to support their needs. To facilitate the transition home, clients will meet their therapist several times throughout their stay at The Residence.

*Clients are encouraged to speak to their Treatment Consultant at time of intake about their eligibility for this program

My recovery plan

Recovery is rarely a linear process, and your recovery journey will be unique to you. Your plan may change, and we will need to prepare for challenges that may impact your recovery. Your Recovery Management Therapist will help you navigate these challenges and be available to support you at various stages of
your recovery.

While the Recovery Management Program will support your ongoing recovery, it is only one piece of your support network. The staff at The Residence and your Recovery Management Therapist will assist you in building a strong network of community-based services that will help you achieve long term recovery. This assistance can include recommendations, referrals, and communication with new and existing service providers.

Recovery management across Homewood

Homewood Health Centre is one of Canada’s foremost mental health treatment facilities and serves as a provincial and national resource for patients, families and their communities. In addition to The Recovery Management Program at The Residence, Homewood offers additional services for post-treatment care.

  • Structured aftercare planning adapted to each clients’ needs led by qualified, experienced and trained clinicians including plans for skill building, reconnecting and sustaining recovery.
  • Recovery management, group, and individual counselling.
  • Membership in the Homewood Alumni Program, providing connection to a recovery-focused community sharing useful information, community events and additional resources.
  • Additional recovery management services are available and may be recommended, including:
    • Individual one-on-one counselling
    • Step-down programming
    • Substance-use monitoring

Please connect with your Treatment Consultant for more details.