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Our approach

We believe in the transformational power of care, based on individualized treatment plans delivered by onsite medical and clinical experts.

Our Approach

We believe in the transformational power of care, based on individualized treatment plans delivered by onsite medical and clinical experts.

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Give yourself permission

Slow down and take the first step toward focusing on yourself. When you find the courage, we will be there to meet you exactly where you are with a private mental health care treatment plan designed around your unique needs.

Comprehensive assessment

Throughout your first week, we conduct a comprehensive assessment that becomes the basis of a personalized treatment plan that, along with input from your family members where appropriate, guides your inpatient stay with us. As part of this assessment, we also conduct pharmacogenetic testing. Pharmacogenetic testing is a precision technology that examines a person’s genetic information to understand how they will respond to certain medicines, which may help guide future prescriptions, where appropriate.

Specialized treatment

The Residence is at the forefront of treatment innovation in private mental health care and addiction recovery. Working closely with the Homewood Research Institute, we apply evidence-based approaches tailored to your situation and treatment goals. We treat conditions including trauma disorders, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, addictive disorders, and concurrent disorders. Our experts are also skilled at treating multiple co-occurring and complex mental illnesses and offer interventional psychiatry services where appropriate. Learn more about what we treat, or talk to our intake concierge to discuss your unique treatment needs.

Recovery management

After you complete inpatient treatment, we support your long-term wellness with a Recovery Management Program that provides comprehensive supports to maintain and enhance quality of life in long-term recovery.

This program is designed to increase your self-efficacy and help you effectively manage your home life, work life, social life, and any other transitions while recovering from addiction and mental health issues.

The Recovery Management Program includes:

  • Structured aftercare adapted to your needs, including plans for skill-building, reconnecting, and sustaining recovery
  • Recovery management group counselling and support services available across Canada
  • Membership in an alumni program that connects you to a recovery-focused community, community events and additional resources
  • Option to purchase additional recovery management services that can include individual one-on-one counselling, step-down programming, and substance-use monitoring

Learn more about eligibility for the Recovery Management Program.

Breathe easy

The Residence is a smoke-free and tobacco-free property. Our holistic model of private mental health care and addiction care includes supporting your recovery from nicotine dependency as needed.

Expert medical support

We are ready to lead you in your recovery journey with top professionals in psychiatry, clinical psychology, nursing, social work, occupational therapy, addiction counselling, and recreational therapy.