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Don't take our word for it

Read more on what previous clients of The Residence have said about their experience.

Don't take our word for it​

Read more on what previous clients of The Residence have said about their experience.

"I have never met such a dedicated, devoted, and exceptional health care team."

The Residence Team allowed me to find both the old and new me. The program made me want to live again and helped re-define my identity which was lost from a debilitating illness. My three young children and husband are so grateful to have this exciting, happy, and thriving new mother leading their lives. 

"I would consider this a real retreat."

With the love, care and support of the nurses and my physician and the sharing and support from other patients, I learned new skills and reached a breakthrough in thinking. The program is a great mix of therapy and learning and is personalized. I would also recommend The Residence for the intensive treatment, intimate setting and excellent food and the support provided with the aftercare plan. 

"My experience at The Residence was a huge turning point in my life as it gave me my confidence back in order to move forward. I now have hope and a renewed sense of self-worth."

I felt trapped and stuck in my life. I was lost and had no direction. My OCD and anxiety were crippling and affecting every aspect of my life – I felt completely powerless and had no hope. I chose The Residence mostly because I wanted a program that was created to address my specific needs. Personally, I also knew that I would not be able to give the program my best unless I felt extremely comfortable with my living arrangements. The Residence provided luxurious living, excellent food, and an atmosphere where I could thrive. 

The Residence got me out of isolation – out of the pit. I am now equipped with the skills that I so badly needed in order to go forward and live a happy life. I honestly had a breakthrough. The aftercare has been wonderful. My psychologist was sent all important information concerning my treatment and is still corresponding with The Residence regarding my progress. I didn’t have to do anything – it was all taken care of. The Residence was honestly life changing for me. You guys are doing a wonderful thing. 

"The close one-on-one therapy and excellent communications between all clinical staff helped."

After having been to other facilities to treat depression, anxiety with trauma, PTSD and alcoholism, I was recommended by my physician to The Residence. I came in with the expectation of a structured plan and got one. The leisure, horticulture and arts were fun but also very important for my mood. The staff exceeded my expectations and were all extremely caring and uplifting to be around. I have now gained new awareness of my moods and triggers for all my mental challenges. 

"The Residence was a comfortable, amazing place to get help with my addiction."

My treatment plan included individual and group sessions as well as more unusual therapy like recreational and horticulture, which I really liked. My schedule there also allowed for time in between all the sessions to just breathe and absorb what I had learned. The 24/7 nursing staff was one of the best parts of The Residence – they were genuinely helpful and just awesome people. Oh, and the food was great!  

"The whole experience was a real retreat and I gained new tools and a toolbox to manage my mental health."

I entered The Residence at Homewood because of a nervous breakdown. My sister had heard about The Residence and what I liked is that the treatment was personalized, intensive and in a small, intimate setting. I learned new skills, had some breakthroughs in my thinking and there was a great mix of therapists and learning. The nurses were very supportive – and the food was excellent. The whole experience was a real retreat and I gained new tools and a toolbox to manage my mental health. There was a lot of love, care, support, sharing and friendships in the group. 

"The Residence helped me to regain my control over my life."

I selected The Residence because of the positive reviews I read online, after reading what the program has to offer I decided that it would be the best fit for me due to the individualized approach to therapy & recovery as well as the very comfortable living conditions. For the first time ever my anxiety and depression is no longer dictating my day to day activities and social interactions. I am finally happy and have the confidence that my life has a purpose and a future. My trauma no longer defines me and my life has been changed in the best way possible. The residence has given me the lessons and tools to live a happy life. 

"The Residence changed my life."

The Residence made me realize how much I did need help, pushed me to grow, and helped me with any need I had with some of the most caring, friendly, and attentive people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I wasn’t expecting to be cared for so well. The best part of my experience was learning deeply about myself, the great meals and swimming. 

"The Residence is an impressive facility with fewer patients, a more one on one treatment and better living areas."

It helped me recover from depression and provided me with skills to recognize my symptoms and stay healthy. The best part of my experience was the interaction and friendship building with other patients. I do not think I could ask for anything to have gone better. 

"The program at The Residence help me regulate and deal with my emotions and challenge negative thinking patterns."

I have learned to accept how my trauma has affected my life and have changed thoughts about myself and others in my life. This was possible because of a very supporting and compassionate staff, the invaluable one on one sessions with my physician and the new tools and techniques like CBT, DBT and mindfulness. 

"It was the only option that offered treatment directed at my issues and also had a quick intake."

The responsive, well educated and caring staff and individual sessions made for a well rounded program and I am thankful for the medication and the skill set that will help me continue the process of managing my issues. 

"The staff is understanding and compassionate."

I was recommended to The Residence by various health professionals. The one on one and group therapy in a structured and comfortable environment helped me focus on my healing. I had time to reflect in a peaceful setting and developed good health. 

"This place changes your life."

The Residence had what I needed for my conditions and it has definitely helped with my mental health issues by equipping me with skills and techniques. The best part is how the team works as one to help each client. I loved finding my creativity that I never knew existed. I would recommend The Residence for sure. 

"I have learned more here than I thought was possible for me and it gave me deep insight into my addiction."

My life had become unmanageable and I was powerless over my addition. It was on my doctor’s recommendation that I came to the Residence and it really helped me. The 1 on 1’s and the groups helped me with learning coping skills and gave me a new perspective on my addiction and recovery process. The diet and fitness program helped me with a balanced lifestyle. I now get to walk away feeling confident and successful with my recovery. This is the first choice for anyone seeking treatment and is willing to learn the skills to better their life. 

"The best part of my experience was the quality of the staff, the food and the comfort of the house."

I was aware of Homewood’s reputation and it came highly recommended. The tailored program, CBT, DBT, mindfulness, one on one’s and advanced training skills in relative comfort greatly helped in my recovery. All aspects of my recovery were handled carefully. 

"I highly recommend The Residence."

I sought support for my alcoholism and depression with The Residence as it was referred to me by a friend and because of its high-end reputation. The diversity and personalization of the treatment was the best part of my experience and I also look forward to continuing with the aftercare plan. 

"I had confidence in the people helping me and that has made me stronger."

I found The Residence through the Homewood Health website. The small groups and home feeling as well as the clinicians made were the deciding factor for my choice. I felt safe there. The Residence taught me skills and provided me with a safe environment to heal. The sessions got at the issues that we relevant to me. The staff had my care as their number one priority. I am leaving here with skills, kind treatment and a place where I was not judged.