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What we treat

When you find the courage, and take the step toward inpatient mental health treatment, we want to be there to meet you exactly where you are, with a treatment plan designed for your needs.

What we treat

When you find the courage, and take the step toward inpatient mental health treatment, we want to be there to meet you exactly where you are, with a treatment plan designed for your needs.

A higher level of care & treatment

The Residence is at the forefront of treatment innovation, working closely with the Homewood Research Institute to develop and apply new, evidence-based approaches to inpatient mental health treatment, addiction treatment, and co-occurring conditions.
  • Inpatient mood disorder treatment including depression
  • Inpatient anxiety treatment
  • Inpatient PTSD treatment and other trauma-related disorders
  • Inpatient addiction treatment and co-occurring disorders
  • Inpatient treatment of more complex profiles which may include combinations of the above
  • Inpatient treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder

Treatments we offer

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Inpatient anxiety treatment

The Residence maintains a full interdisciplinary team, including a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist, recreational therapist, mental health nurses, personal trainer, art therapist and addictions counsellor. This team has extensive experience in delivering inpatient anxiety treatment for a range of disorders including panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder.

What is anxiety? Anxiety is a natural and normal stress response, but in its more extreme forms, it can affect your ability to function socially and professionally. When anxiety symptoms persist and interfere with daily life, they can be considered a disorder.

Inpatient mood disorder treatment

The Residence provides inpatient mood disorder treatment that focuses on helping you understand and reduce symptoms, restore functional abilities, and manage your moods with new skills and coping strategies.

What is a mood disorder? Moods naturally fluctuate throughout the day, but if you experience extreme mood changes or a constant negative mood, you may be living with a mood disorder. Depression and other mood disorders are mental health conditions that affect your emotional state, thoughts, behaviours, and physical health. Untreated, they can have a devastating impact on your career, relationships, and quality of life.

Interventional psychiatry services for treatment resistant depression

The Residence now provides specialized inpatient treatment for treatment-resistant depression that includes access to the Homewood Interventional Psychiatry Service offering Ketamine Infusion Therapy, repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) or Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) administered under the care of a psychiatrist.

What is treatment-resistant depression? This type of depression persists even after you have tried to treat it with antidepressants and psychological therapy.

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Inpatient trauma and/or PTSD treatment

The Residence provides evidence-based treatment for trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When you arrive on site, you are assessed and treated by staff that are trained in trauma-informed care in an environment that promotes physical and emotional safety.

What is trauma?
Trauma occurs when someone experiences an event that threatens the physical or psychological integrity of themselves or others, either once or multiple times throughout their life.  Some become ‘stuck’ in their trauma response and may go on to develop post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. 

Inpatient substance use disorder treatment

The Residence provides a support system that includes peers and networks, as well as utilizing tools such as medical detox management, self-help groups, SMART Recovery and/or 12-step approaches.

What is substance use disorder?
Addiction is a brain disorder affecting a person’s motivation, reward, and memory functions. It is often characterized by the repeated use of a substance or engagement in a behavior, despite the negative impact on the individual’s daily functioning.

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Inpatient treatment of co-occurring disorders

Co-occurring disorders are among the most challenging to identify and treat, which can be a frustrating experience for someone with a history of mental health issues and substance use. At The Residence, our professionals specialize in simultaneously treating these complex and combined issues, which are extremely common, as this has proven to be most successful.

What are co-occurring disorders? Also known as a concurrent disorder, a co-occurring disorder arises when someone experiences symptoms of a mental health condition as well as a substance use disorder.

Inpatient treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder

If you suspect you have OCD, your symptoms will be assessed at the time of admission to ensure an accurate diagnosis. Medication may be prescribed as an important part of your recovery plan. Exposure and response prevention (ERP) is the primary cognitive-behaviour therapy found to be effective in the treatment of OCD. This would include a stepwise plan to help you challenge and change OCD-related beliefs and behaviours. In combination with ERP, additional skills are taught to help you actively examine and challenge beliefs about situations that cause anxiety.

What is OCD? Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a disorder in which a person experiences uncontrollable and recurring thoughts (obsessions), engages in repetitive behaviors (compulsions), or both. People with OCD have time-consuming symptoms that can cause significant distress or interfere with daily life.

Your dedicated team

The Residence is ready to lead you in your recovery journey with a team of dedicated professionals. Led by our full-time chief of psychiatry and program director, we deliver inpatient mental health treatment and addiction treatment with an interdisciplinary team of nursing staff, a psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist, addiction counsellor, and recreation therapist.

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