"My experience at The Residence was a huge turning point in my life as it gave me my confidence back in order to move forward. I now have hope and a renewed sense of self-worth. "

I felt trapped and stuck in my life. I was lost and had no direction. My OCD and anxiety were crippling and affecting every aspect of my life – I felt completely powerless and had no hope. I chose The Residence mostly because I wanted a program that was created to address my specific needs. Personally, I also knew that I would not be able to give the program my best unless I felt extremely comfortable with my living arrangements. The Residence provided luxurious living, excellent food, and an atmosphere where I could thrive.

The Residence got me out of isolation – out of the pit. I am now equipped with the skills that I so badly needed in order to go forward and live a happy life. I honestly had a breakthrough. The aftercare has been wonderful. My psychologist was sent all important information concerning my treatment and is still corresponding with The Residence regarding my progress. I didn’t have to do anything – it was all taken care of. The Residence was honestly life changing for me. You guys are doing a wonderful thing.

"Homewood and Dr. Lalonde changed my life."

I was self-medicating after developing chronic pain, and my psychologist and case manager researched what was available and recommended
The Residence for the one-on-one therapy. They know that I am not good with crowds or groups.

"The Residence was a comfortable, amazing place to get help with my addiction."

My treatment plan included individual and group sessions as well as more unusual therapy like recreational and horticulture, which I really liked. My schedule there also allowed for time in between all the sessions to just breathe and absorb what I had learned. The 24/7 nursing staff was one of the best parts of The Residence – they were genuinely helpful and just awesome people. Oh, and the food was great! Homewood is the best private care institution.

"The whole experience was a real retreat and I gained new tools and a toolbox to manage my mental health."

I entered The Residence at Homewood because of a nervous breakdown. My sister had heard about The Residence and what I liked is that the treatment was personalised, intensive and in a small, intimate setting. I learned new skills, had some breakthroughs in my thinking and there was a great mix of therapists and learning. The nurses were very supportive – and the food was excellent. The whole experience was a real retreat and I gained new tools and a toolbox to manage my mental health. There was a lot of love, care, support, sharing and friendships in the group.