Funmilayo (Funmi) Oyediran BSc, MSc, RN, BScN

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Funmilayo (Funmi) Oyediran, B.Tech, BScN, MSc, MN, NP-PHC

Nurse Practitioner, The Residence

Funmi Oyediran is the Nurse Practitioner for The Residence. She has an academic background and advanced degree in chemistry; this experience in combination with her teaching experience gives Funmi a strong scientific foundation for her career in nursing. She is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and supports them in their healing and recovery process, including exploring opportunities to enhance excellent service delivery in collaboration with team members.

Funmi worked at Homewood Health Centre as a Registered Nurse before joining The Residence. As a life-long learner and her strong passion for evidenced-based, safe and effective care, she pursued an advanced degree in nursing at Western University and obtained Masters in Nursing-Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner. She continues to enhance her skills by engaging in diverse and relevant continuing education.

Funmi has an extensive experience working with individuals (all ages) and their families. Her experience includes providing care in a variety of settings such as medicine, surgery, intensive care, public health, long term, specialized care (Otolaryngology|Head & Neck Surgery), family health and mental health.

Outside her professional roles, Funmi enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music, dancing and cooking.

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