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Deanna Brady, RPN

Director of Operations, The Residence

Deanna Brady began her career as a Registered Practical Nurse more than two decades ago. Working at the Homewood Health Centre and specializing in mental health, she provided years of direct client care before taking on combined clinical and administrative responsibilities in Homewood’s Intake Services Department. There, Deanna balanced her responsibilities on the front line of care with the roles of case manager and admission specialist. In 2016, she became manager of Intake Services. Each of these roles and experiences has helped provide a strong foundation for Deanna’s current work as director of operations for The Residence at Homewood.

A dedicated lifelong learner, Deanna has a Bachelor degree in Health Administration, and has now begun the Master of Health Management program at McMaster University. She has also achieved certification in Nursing Leadership and Health Informatics and has completed the RECO Salesperson Registration Education Program.

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