The Residence Continues to Accept Referrals and Admit Clients

As the global COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we have put measures in place to ensure we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety and health of our patients, clients, staff, and facilities. It is out of an abundance of caution and a strong commitment to limit the spread of this virus that we have implemented measures and put processes into place to ensure we continue to serve our patients.

The Residence continues to accept referrals and admit patients to treatment programs. The Residence at Homewood has a strong commitment to mental health and addiction and improving lives of Canadians, and as such we will continue to provide services to those who are seeking support and treatment. However, given the current circumstances, we are implementing the following changes best to protect our patients, staff, and community.


Current Residence Covid-19 rules:

• Clients are not required to be fully vacinated
• Clients are no longer required to mask

○ If a client presented as sick, IPAC would be consulted and client may be asked to wear a mask

• Clients are still required to have a NAAT Covid-19 test completed on day of admission


Community Outings have resumed

• These outings are either done as a group or during a 1:1 session with a staff member and involve doing various activities in the community


Additional enhanced personal and facility hygiene measures have been implemented, adding to our already stringent hand washing and sanitizing practices. We will continue to monitor this situation and re-evaluate these policies as this event evolves. Our number one priority at The Residence is to protect our patients, clients, and staff. We recognize there are challenges, and that the way forward is to support each other as a community of patients and health providers.

Thank you for joining us in these efforts. We will continue communicating with you as the situation develops and more information becomes available.