Comprehensive Assessments

Built on the foundation of Homewood Health’s over 130-year medical and clinical legacy as Canada’s leader in mental health and addiction, The Residence offers fully individualized treatment plans delivered by medical and clinical professionals who are dedicated to The Residence clients. Upon arrival, each client participates in a comprehensive assessment that becomes the basis of a personalized treatment plan that will guide the client’s stay with us. As part of this assessment, pharmacogenetic testing is done using Pillcheck. All treatment plans include input from the client’s family members when applicable.

Dedicated Team

Each client at The Residence is treated by a dedicated team of interdisciplinary professionals led by our Medical Director and Director of Operations. Our team consists of 24/7 nursing staff, psychologists, and other registered professionals including psychotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, addiction counsellors and recreation therapists.

Specialized Treatment

The Residence is at the forefront of treatment innovation, working closely with the Homewood Research Institute to develop and apply new, evidence-based approaches to mental health and addiction treatment.

Our team treats mental health and addiction conditions including: trauma disorders, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, addictive disorders, and concurrent disorders. Our team is also skilled at treatment multiple and complex mental illnesses. If you are struggling with something that is not on this list, call us today and we will see how Homewood can support your unique treatment needs.

As The Residence and the entire Homewood Health Campus is a completely smoke-free and tobacco-free property, our holistic model of care includes supporting the treatment of nicotine dependency for each Client as needed.


Treatment at The Residence is individualized and highly customized to each client’s clinical needs, treatment goals and progress. Each day and each week will be different, and because treatment plans are personalized and dynamic, no two treatment plans will be the same. Clients are continually assessed and decisions around treatment intensity, duration, frequency and approach are adjusted in real-time to better support successful attainment of the client’s treatment goals.

In addition to therapy sessions, The Residence offers a very unique, holistic approach to recovery including culinary groups with our Chef de Cuisine, on-campus trail walks, yoga classes, 12-step or SMART Recovery meetings, sports and fitness, movie nights, bicycling trips and importantly, enough down-time to allow the brain to absorb and recover.

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